ARCA-SWISS C1 cube, Classic

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ARCA-SWISS C1 cube, Classic The Patented C1 Cube is the crown jewel of the Arca Swiss tripod head products. The point of rotation is above the movements achieving leveling on the horizontal and vertical axis with little or no change in the composition framing. One day of precision machining is required to make the parts for a single C1 Cube head plus the time for finishing and assembly. A true marvel of engineering and manufacture. • Precision leveling head with self-locking geared movements • Dual spirit levels • Friction control for heavy cameras and lenses • For Classic, MonoballFix and Monorail plates, with or without Geared Pan • Size:110mm x 110mm x 110mm • Weight: 1030 grams – weight varies slightly with Geared Pan and top plate options • Payload: 40 kg, 88 lbs • Maximum camera angle from centre mount – 90 degrees • Dual Panorama – at tripod connection and at camera connection Ideal for – View cameras, Field cameras, Technical cameras. 4x5 to 11x14 cameras, DSLR’s and Medium format. Essential where composition framing needs to be maintained when leveling adjustment are required like landscape, architecture and anywhere precision framing is required. Unique design allows for 90-degree positioning of camera relative to tripod for copy work and macro applications. Classic plates are the original full-sized plate system released in 1960. The Classic plate has become an industry standard. The mount also includes the “MonoballFix” mount for the newest smaller dove tail plate with the safety pin secure camera system. Simple screw lock knob securely locks plates
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