ARCA-SWISS Monoball p0 with monoball®Fix

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ARCA-SWISS Monoball p0 with monoball®Fix The p0 ultra compact, minimalist design uses a single ring with a transmission style mechanism for locking instead of locking knobs. This facilitates single hand locking with up to 20 kg or 44 lbs of load. The inverted design attaches the plate normally connected to the camera, to the tripod. This allows the ball lock mechanism to grip the ball from the bottom ensuring that there is no movement of the camera while the lock is being engaged. The smooth locking ring requires minimal effort to achieve full lock position. The ball is asymmetrical, automatically increasing tension as the camera is moved off centre axis. All of this is provided with a weight of approximately 400 grams and a size of 60mm x 74mm. Most MonoballFix plates use a pin system to ensure that the camera does not accidentally fall off if the lock is not set.  The “Snap Style” lock clearly indicates that the plate is secure. Using a dove tail design, the smaller plate system offers the highest level of locking and rigidity in a much smaller format.
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