DT Versa Book Copy System

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DT Versa Book Copy System includes: Autocolumn XL, Industrial Foot Switches, Compressor, Cable management system

More Than a Copy Stand

The DT Versa is a complete digitization platform. The stand, camera, and column seamlessly integrate with our software for fast and easy preservation-grade digitization. The Versa allows digitization with or without glass contact.


With the Versa hard top in place, all scanning is done 100% contact-free. Removing that hard top reveals a conservation-friendly glass top with a user-settable maximum and with such precise control of the object that the operator can raise the object to lightly kiss the glass.

Scan Anything

Nearly anything can be scanned with the DT Versa. Bound materials are its raison d’être, but it’s equally at home scanning manuscripts, flat artwork, maps, translucent materials such as film or glass plate negatives, as well as specimens.

Standards Compliant

Our DT Versa complies with FADGI 4-star, Metamorfoze Strict, ISO 19264 image quality, and JHOVE file format standards. The Library of Congress, The National Archives, and Getty along with these institutions use our systems.

Open Platform

While our camera and software offer simplicity, quality, and throughput, the Versa accepts any camera. You can purchase a Versa on one budget cycle and our camera on the next, or upgrade the camera anytime.

Solid, Precise, and Perfectly Aligned

The bench is made in the USA to 0.005” tolerances from aerospace grade aluminum. The DT AutoColumn precisely positions the camera within two-hundredths of an inch. And the Phase One iXG focus movement is measured in microns for meticulous accuracy.

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