Hensel Certo 400 - 110 Volt version

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Hensel Certo 400 - 110 Volt versionA 16-channel integrated radio sync and the sturdy, proven Hensel EH quick-change automatic for reflectors guarantee easy handling. Of course, Hensel uses safety glass to protect users and technology alike from potential damage. Flash tube and safety glass dome are mounted together onto a plug base, making any exchanges quick and hassle-free. Active cooling ensures safe, continuous operation and lets you use a bright 150W halogen lamp (GX 6.35) as modelling light. The power display can be switched from relative f-stops to watt seconds. The well-designed Hensel Certo compact flash units are the consistent entry into one of the industry’s most versatile lighting systems. A wide selection of light modifiers expand creative possibilities and the system grows with the user demands. In addition, you can count on long term safety in terms of service, something only a well-known brand can offer.
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