Inovativ Deploy Gen IV with Insight Mount and 2 Pro Ultra Monitor Arms

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Inovativ Deploy Gen IV with Insight Mount and 2 Pro Ultra Monitor Arms

A new line of verticle carts with a smaller footprint, light weight, easy to move around and all the benifits and features of INOVATIV's line of integrated accessories.

  • Four removable aluminum side panels to help reduce dust penetration to the inside, and to provide easy access to rack-mounted components
  • Aluminum top surface with a 2.5" cable pass-through hole, and finished with black outdoor marine carpet
  • Two aluminum handles for easier mobility - one in the front at hte top of hte workstantion, and one on the bottom to be used as a stepping plate making it easier to pull the worstation over uneven surfaces.
  • Collapsible side wings for easy access through narrow hallways/entryways. Extended, wings provide an additional 24" of workspace.
  • Accessory mount on the back of the cart for monitor and accessories mounting Insight Monitor Mounting System allows multiple monitors to be mounted at the same time.
  • 360 degree monitor rotation to allow landscape and portrait viewing with hard lock every 90 degrees. Adjust monitor height Screen tilt 90 degrees up or down
  • Dual cross tubes deliver stability and strength. Easily removed and packed away for transport.


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