Inovativ Deploy Gen IV with Insight Mount and 2 Pro Ultra Monitor Arms

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Inovativ Deploy Gen IV with Insight Mount and 2 Pro Ultra Monitor Arms

A smaller footprint, lighter weight and more maneuverable than other vertical workstations, the Deploy Gen IV is designed to integrate with INOVATIV’s long line of accessories to meet your workflow needs. The Gen IV’s collapsible side wings allows for easier access through narrow halls and entryways, and when fully extended, the side wings provide an additional 24″ of workspace. The Gen IV has four removable aluminum side panels that reduce dust penetration to the inside of the workstation and provide easy access to rack mounted components.

The Insight Monitor Mount was developed to lock in multiple monitors at a time without the worry that the monitors could come loose in transport, and can be easily removed and packed away for transport. The dual cross tubes deliver stability and strength while offering plenty of side to side monitor adjustment. The Insight Monitor Mount is designed to work primarily with the Pro Ultra Arm. This combination gives you the flexibility to adjust the monitor to the desired height and position. It’s equipped with Inovativ's 100×100 VESA Plate which fits most industry monitors. This configuration gives flexibility to freely rotate the monitor and easily lock it in a vertical or horizontal position. There are three sets of rosettes that will keep your monitor in its place no matter what environment you’re in. The rosette mounts allow for 60 point panning positions.

  • Full Size Payload Capacity: 600 lb
  • 2.5″ cable pass through hole for improved cable management
  • 16u x 21.125″ Internal Rack Mounting Space
  • INOVATIV 8″ EVO Pneumatic Casters
  • 20″ Pneumatic Rear Wheels
  • 100% sealed bearing 10” EVO Wheels with INOVATIV Foot Brake System
  • INOVATIV Foot Brake System
  • Frame allows for mountable accessories
  • Designed and Manufactured in California, USA.
  • 5 Year Warranty

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