USED Arca Swiss Factum Compact Camera body

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USED Arca Swiss Factum Compact Camera body

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The Arca Swiss Factum is a lightweight and more portable technical camera meant as a companion to the RM3Di. The Factum offers 15mm of rise and fall as well as +/- 5 degrees of tilt. The focusing and tilting unit (the ‘TUM’) can be rotated to provide tilt both on the vertical and horizontal axis. All that’s needed is an R-Line mounted lens as well as a mounting plate for camera or digital back which are available here at B3K. 

This particular Factum has been built as a kit which includes:

  • VarioFinder Holder
  • Handgrip Unit for Factum
  • E-Module Holder
  • Ground Glass


Also available, our demo Fac Unit. 

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