Arca Swiss Core 75 Leveler cp (clicPan®)

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Arca Swiss Core 75 Leveler cp (clicPan®)

The Arca Swiss Core 75 Leveler is the big brother to the Core 60 Leveler, a compact series of heads that employ the same principals that made the C1 Cube so popular. Machined from solid, aeronautical-grade aluminum, it is well suited for architecture and landscape photography. 

Fluid and precise movements are provided by two self-locking control knobs. The X and Y axis tilt movements are drawn from those of theC1 Cube, and have their axes of rotation close to the optical centre of the camera resulting in little effect on framing and perspective. 

clicPan® is a low profile and lightweight mechanism providing a variable interval top panning base, which offers precise angular rotation in a step-by-step mode. The desired angular steps are set using a rotating ring offering 10 different rotational steps of 40°, 30°, 24°, 20°, 15°, 12°, 10°, 7.5°, and 6° - plus an off position for 360 degrees of free movement. When panning the camera, clicPan® stops with an audible click at each angular step. This physical and audible feedback eases rapid operation.

Type: Geared tripod head
• Weight: 650g (1.43lb.)
• Weight capacity: 30kg (66lb.)
• Base diameter : 75mm (2.95")
• Base mount: 3/8"-16 threaded socket
• Dimensions: 97x75x79mm (3.82"x2.95"x3.11")
• Panning at base: Yes, 360° lockable free movement
• Panning at top: Yes, clicPan® with free or adjustable step by step angular
rotation, lockable, with precision scale graduated in degrees
• Tilt Range X and Y axes: +/- 15° self-locking geared controls – (4° per knob
• Friction control: No
• Level control: 2 tubular bubble levels

Like all tripod heads from ARCA-SWISS, the Core 75 Leveler cp heads are available with a choice of quick release: monoball Fix, Classic and flipLock.

ARCA-SWISS equips Classic and flipLock quick releases with dual channel dovetails. Classic camera plates mount in the upper dovetail, while
Monoball Fix and ARCA-SWISS camera monorails mount in the lower channel of the quick release.
Monoball Fix quick releases are a single channel design and only compatible with monoball Fix camera plates and accessories, or with ARCA-SWISS camera monorail.


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