Arca Swiss F-Metric View Camera (with Fresnel)

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Arca Swiss F-Metric View Camera (with Fresnel)

An ideal tool for architecture and landscape photographers, the Arca Swiss F-Metric view cameras are incredibly precise, professional cameras featuring calibrated, easily accessed control blocks (‘Function Carriers’), finely geared focus control from both the front and the rear standards, and geared camera movements with rise/fall/shift.

  • Fully modular system with extensive accessories for viewing, conversion, etc.
  • Rails insert directly into any Arca Swiss -type quick release
  • Excellent for use with Digital Backs and DSLR's


  • Extendable Optical Bench 30cm
  • Function Carrier F-Metric Front
  • Function Carrier F-Metric Rear
  • Format Frame Front
  • Format Frame Rear
  • Cassette and Ground Glass Frame with Fresnel
  • Standard Bellows (synthetic)

Available as a 6x9, 4x5, 5x7, or 8x10 configuration. 

* The ARCA-SWISS f-line is also available in the C ('compact') version. 
Instead of the extendable optical bench, the foldable optical bench is included in the scope of delivery for this version.

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