Arca Swiss monoball p0+ Hybrid with choice of quickset device

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Arca Swiss monoball p0+ Hybrid with quickset device

Fast and intuitive, one knurled locking ring on the head loosens and tightens the monoball®. A unique design that combines the same light weight and straight-forward simplicity of the original p0 head with the geared precision movements of the C1 Cube. With two self-locking, geared segments, each of which can precisely adjust up to a range of ± 10° in the X or Y axes. .
The p0+ Hybrid employs an aspheric ball with 3-point locking that enables smooth adjustments and secure lockdown, allowing the 1.1 lb support to handle loads up to 44 lb.

Like all tripod heads from ARCA-SWISS, the Monoball p0 heads are available with a choice of quick release: monoball Fix, Classic and flipLock.

ARCA-SWISS equips Classic and flipLock quick releases with dual channel dovetails. Classic camera plates mount in the upper dovetail, while
Monoball Fix and ARCA-SWISS camera monorails mount in the lower channel of the quick release.
Monoball Fix quick releases are a single channel design and only compatible with monoball Fix camera plates and accessories, or with ARCA-SWISS camera monorail.

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