Broncolor Flooter

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Broncolor Light Shaper of the Month for February. Regular $5950.00, Sale $5355.00 

Equipped with a Fresnel lens and produces a light with spot character, the Broncolor Flooter is optimized for use with the Pulso G, Unilite and Pulso 8.

The powerful light of the Fresnel lens with a diameter of 340 mm / 13.4 inches ensures a high light yield.  broncolor Flooter is equipped with a precise focusing device. The light angle is adjusted with a crank handle in the range of 15° to 80°, depending on the lamp base used. To limit the light angle further and to alter the light distribution, a honeycomb grid may be used, held in front of the Fresnel lens by a removable sheet steel frame.

- f-stop at 2 m (6 1/2 ft) distance, 100 ISO, with 3200 J: 90 2/10
- incl. fixing bracket
- Fresnel lens
- light angle adjustment range 15 – 70°
- for Pulso G, Unilite, MobiLED, Siros and LED F160
- dimensions 24x46x51cm (9.4x18x20.5”)
- weight 8.9 kg (19.6 lbs)

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