Broncolor Move 1200L Outdoor Para Kit

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Broncolor Move 1200L Outdoor Para Kit

Be ready for any location shoot with Broncolor's Move 1200 L Outdoor Para Kit. Handy packed in the Outdoor trolley backpack with one MobiLED lamp, the Move 1200L pack in a protective bag, the Para 88 reflector and Para 88 adapter as well as a daylight adapter. The Outdoor trolley backpack can be taken onboard as hand luggage.

Move 1200L

  • Flash Energy: 1200J
  • Flash duration t 0.5/t 0.1: 1/20,000s / 1/8,500s
  • Charging time (for 100% selected energy): 0.02 - 1.9s (speed mode 0.02 - 0.9s)
  • No of flashes per battery charge: approx. 170 - 230 (Eco Mode) at 1200J, approx. 50,000 at 4J
  • Ready display: Visual and Audible (can be switched off)
  • Lamp outlets: 2 outlets with flash cut-off and ECTC
  • Power distribution: Symmetrical and individually asymmetrical
  • Flash energy control range: 9 f-stops in 1/10, or full stop intervals. Displayed in joules or wattseconds (4.5 - 1200J)
  • Colour temperature: ECTC technology (Enhanced Colour Temperature Control) for constant colour temperature
  • Model Lamp: Max. 2x 100W halogen or 2x 30W LED, selectable switch-off time setting (10/30/60s), operating in continuous light mode over 2 hours.
  • Flash trigger: Manual release button, photocell, RFS 2, sync cable.
  • Radio release: Outdoors up to 50m (164'), indoors up to 30m (98')
  • Operating temperature: -5 degrees celsius to +65 degrees celsius 
  • Weight: 6.2kg (13.7lb) including battery

MobiLED Lamp

  • Flash energy: 1200J (max. 1600J)
  • Model lamp: 30W LED
  • Cable length: 3.5m (11.5')
  • Dimensions: Ø12x24.3x17.2cm
  • Weight: 1.7kg (3.7lb) lamp only, without reflector

Para 88

  • max. 3200 J
  • f-stop at 2 m distance, focused: 90
  • f-stop at 10 m distance, focused: 22
  • silver inside coating
  • dimensions open (without stand) ø 85 x 64 cm (34” x 24”)
  • weight 2.8 kg (6.2lbs)

All Move power packs are “HS” compatible if they have the software version 48.07 or later. “HS” lets you use flash in combination with shortest shutter speed settings on your camera when using Broncolor's RFS 2.2 trigger - available for Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fuji cameras (sold separately).

Kit Includes: 

  • 1 Move 1200 L power pack
  • 1 MobiLED lamp
  • 1 Para 88 reflector
  • 1 Para 88 adapter P
  • 1 MobiLED continuous light adapter
  • 1 weatherproof power pack protecting soft case
  • 1 Outdoor trolley backpack

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