Cambo ACTUS-XL-35 Technical Camera (Digital) Includes ACTUS-XL base and 35-Kit (Bayonet Frame with AC-214)

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Cambo ACTUS-XL-35 Technical Camera (Digital) Includes ACTUS-XL base and 35-Kit (Bayonet Frame with AC-214)

The ACTUS-XL system is a fusion of both the Actus and Ultima camera platforms, maintaining full camera movements.
The Actus-XL accepts all Actus lens plates and lens adapters, sharing the same mount, and the rear standard has an easy exchangeable frame holder for either a digital back or a DSLR/Mirrorless camera body.
Both front and rear standard have lateral movements, vertical adjustments, swings and tilts, all for optimized control over perspective and selective sharpness.
The default 300mm monorail is suitable for short, medium and long focal length lenses. A separate focus slider and fine focussing racks make it not only quick but very easy and precise to focus. 
The compatibility with the Actus Mini platform allows the use of a variety of lens adaptors in combination with several camera bodies. These system bodies are mounted with their bayonets to the upright holder, which can rotate between landscape and portrait within seconds and can be done without having to remove the camera body or bellows.
  • View camera movement for selective sharpness
  • Rear movement for perspective control
  • Focal plane shifts to increase file size
  • Quick transfer between landscape/portrait
  • Built-in macro extension
  • Use of various lens designs
  • Interchangeable bellows options
  • Available exchangeable bayonets for Sony E-Mount, Nikon F, Canon EOS, Fuji X-series, Micro 4/3, Olympus OMD, Leica-M, Pentax-K, Canon-M, Olympus-OMD 
  • Max. Extension (lensplate to sensor): up to 185mm for Sony E-mount, up to 205mm for Nikon F-mount, up to 201mm for Canon EOS-mount.
  • Monorail Extension Options: +150mm, +250mm +420mm


  • ACTUS-XL base and
  • 35-Kit (Bayonet Frame with AC-214 long bellows)
  • exchangeable bayonets sold separately 
  • Does not include DSLR/Mirrorless camera OR lens

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