Cambo MBX-1 MBX-Ball Bearing Black column r.85 mm, Stand Height 2.1 m (7 ft) including geared movable crossarm and 3/8" Camera Mount . Without Base.

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MBX Column for MBX studio stand including geared lateral moving crossarm and movable 3/8 camera mount.
The MBX-1 column has ball bearing movements for the vertical adjustment. The rotation is separately operated from and locked from the sliding collar. The cross arm is integrated in the sliding collar and has a generous total length of 100 cm, moved with a gear crank for exact positioning.
  • Related Base: MBX-0
  • Ideal load capacity on the stand: from 5 kg with incremental additions of 1 kg each.
  • Height of column only 195 cm
  • Height of stand complete 210 cm
  • Weight of column only: 24 kg
  • Weight of stand complete w/MBX-0:  60 kg
  • Diameter of column: 85 mm

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