Eizo FlexScan series EV3895 Ultra-Slim Frame Design, 37.5" Ultra-Wide Curved Screen TFT IPS LCD

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Eizo FlexScan series EV3895 Ultra-Slim Frame Design, 37.5" Ultra-Wide Curved Screen TFT IPS LCD

The 37.5-inch curved ultra-wide monitor easily blends into even smaller work spaces. It can stand on small surfaces thanks to its slim and frameless design and its small steady stand. It can easily be placed on a small desk and leave enough room to work comfortably.

The 37.5-inch EV3895 is a UWQHD+ (3840 x 1600) curved ultra-wide monitor with a 24:10 aspect ratio with nearly triple the pixels to work with compared with Full HD monitors. Users can freely arrange multiple applications across its vast screen without the obtrusive bezels typical of multi-monitor setups.

The Picture-by-Picture (PbyP) function allows the monitor to receive up to three video signals simultaneously saving time switching between video and audio sources when operating more than one computer. The monitor comes with six pre-defined Picture-by-Picture layouts.

When simultaneously displaying content from three video inputs via Picture-by-Picture (PbyP), the Main Window Swap function allows you to instantly change the layout of the windows. This provides a simple and fast way of shifting focus to any screen freely.

The monitor is equipped with four easy-access USB Type-A ports on the side. When using Picture-by-Picture, the monitor's USB Selection function allows you to use a single mouse and keyboard to operate each screen from multiple computers. This eliminates the need for additional peripherals for each computer and keeps your desk tidy.

The monitor is equipped with a USB Type-C connection that allows users to display video, playback audio, transmit USB signals, supply power to connected devices, and even access a network signal. This convenient multi-purpose connectivity makes it faster and easier to connect your laptop when moving between workstations or working away from the office. The monitor's 85 watt power delivery via USB Type-C reliably charges laptops and small desktop PCs..

While many modern laptops are not equipped with a dedicated LAN port, the monitor has one directly built in for a wired connection. Connecting any laptop via USB Type-C allows access to the network through the monitor. This allows you to conduct conference calls or data transfers reliably and at high speed.

EIZO MAC Address Clone Utility software temporarily assigns the MAC address of a connected PC to the monitor, granting network access to authenticated devices, and preventing network access from unauthenticated devices.

The monitor is equipped with a USB Type-C, DisplayPort, and two HDMI ports for easily connecting to multiple devices. All ports on the back of the monitor are positioned to be within arm's reach for easy access. 

  • Auto Brightness Control
  • Clear View from all angles
  • Reduce Blue Light by 80%
  • Flicker-free viewing
  • Minimum brightness of approx. 1cd/m2
  • Non-glare panel
  • Versatile stand
  • Front facing speakers



  • Cables
  • 1x cable cover
  • FlexScan stand
  • 4x VESA mounting screws
  • Set up guide
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Zero bright sub-pixels 6 month warranty


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