Inovativ QR SYSTEM

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Inovativ QR SYSTEM

Whether you are mounting a monitor on your desk in the home office, setting up a mobile workstation on a production cart, or setting up a video village, with INOVATIV's QR System, your monitor is mounted, locked and secure in just a few seconds.

The INOVATIV QR System consists of three plates: one attaches to the monitor, the second attaches to the VESA mount, and the third is a spacer plate which may be necessary for certain monitors which have a recessed mounting area. The plates connect to each other using the vDrop system, a patent pending quick-release dovetail mount developed by INOVATIV.


  • 1x QR Receiver,
  • 1x Monitor Plate,
  • 1x Adapter Plate, and
  • Mounting hardware.


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