Kaiser Book Holder for books up to 44 x 41 cm (17.3 x 16.1”), glass plate, height adjustable up to 145mm (5,7”)

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Kaiser Book Holder for books up to 44 x 41 cm (17.3 x 16.1”)

A book holder with glass pressure plate for the exact positioning when doing copy work from books, magazines and newspapers (also great in the darkroom for making contact prints from negatives)

It has a solid base plate with non-slip coating on top and non-slip feet underneath, a 6mm (0.2") thick glass pressure plate, is foldable and variable in height. To work more ergonomically, more efficiently and original-friendly at a particular height, you can lock the glass pressure plate into a position between 0 and 145 mm (5.7 in.).

Several 28x18cm (11x7.1") preformed foam elements of various thickness are used to compensate for the height of an open book.

Black cardboard sheets can be placed under the page you want to copy so that the print on the back side or subjacent side cannot shine through the paper.  

  • High-quality, colour-neutral crystal glass pressure plate.
  • For formats up to: 44x41cm (17.3x16.1")
  • Maximum height of original (book etc.): 145mm (5.7")
  • Dimensions: 52.9x 22.6x44.4cm (20.8x8.9x17.5")
  • 8 preformed foam elements (2x 20 mm/0.8", 2 x 10 mm/0.4", 4 x 5 mm/0.2" thick) included
  • 2 black A4 cardboard sheets (29.7x21 cm/11.7x 8.3") included


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