Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video

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Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video

The Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video provides a colour balanced and consistently neutral place, with ideal camera exposure. This essential colour chart enables a better camera-to-camera match, achieve perfect exposure and easily shoot and edit for mixed lighting in a convenient portable protective case. 

ColorChecker Passport Video combines 4 video production targets in one durable, protective “passport-size” case, giving you the ultimate in functionality and portability.

Measuring only 125 x 90mm, the pocket-sized Passport Video can be taken anywhere ready for any situation.

  • Ideal for all users that require accurate colour control when capturing moving images
  • Perfect for ensuring multiple cameras give a similar colour rendition
  • Can be used with all major editing software
  • Useful focus target included for ensuring the sharpest levels of detail

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