Calibrite ColorChecker Video XL

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The Calibrite ColorChecker Video XL provides an extra-large format for effortlessly capturing the target at greater distances and wider angles. It provides the same chromatic colors, skin tones and gray reference chips of the standard size ColorChecker Video, but twice as large.  You’ll be able to eliminate the need to move your camera closer or adjust the focal length of your lens, shoot in the same lighting condition that is falling on your subject and minimize color casting from any surrounding light. You’ll also be able to increase the capture resolution for more accurate post-production work.

The Calibrite ColorChecker Video XL is designed for those longer and wider shots when the space between your camera and subject is too great to capture a smaller target.

  • A large video target (530 x 375mm) featuring superb colour accuracy
  • Ideal for any large venue environment where colour accuracy and camera matching is essential (e.g. concerts, theatres, etc.)
  • Featuring four grayscale calibration bars and saturated and unsaturated RGB primaries
  • Extended skin tone patches for additional colour precision
  • Supported by many key third-party software applications

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