Hasselblad ND8 Filter

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Hasselblad ND8 Filter

Using SCHOTT B 270® glass and double-sided ND coating technology, these 3-stop ND filters are clear and of low colour deviation and reflection. 

Nanocoating is used to make the filter water and oil-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-static, prolonging the service life and allowing the filter to effortlessly cope with harsh outdoor environments.

  • Available in 4 sizes: 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 77mm
  • Light-Reduction: 3 stops
  • Coating: Double-sided ND coating
  • Weight: 13g (62mm) / 14g (67mm) / 16g (72mm) / 18g (77mm)
  • Height: 5.5mm (when mounted to lens, the part outside the lens is 3.0mm in height)
  • Filter Frame Material: Aluminium magnesium alloy
  • Other Features: Water and oil-resistant, anti-scratch, and anti-static.
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