Kaiser Base Frame for Kaiser baseboards and RSD/RSD mot Copy Stand

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Kaiser Base Frame for Kaiser baseboards with the sizes 45x50cm (17.7"x19.7"), 60x50cm (23.6"x19.7") and 80x60cm (31.5"x23.6") and for RSD/RSD mot Copy Stand

A Base frame for converting RS1 system and RSD (KA-5602), RSD mot (KA-5603) copy stands from table to free-standing model.

  • Also suitable for all Kaiser baseboards from 45x50cm to 60x80cm (17.7"x19.7" to 23.6"x31.5").
  • Height-adjustable feet.
  • Slide-in compartment for control box of optional lighting unit. 
  • Dimensions: approx. 580x510x595mm (22.8"x20.1"x23.4")
  • Weight: 21kg (46lb)

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